NameRipple Torpedo
Component SlotMain Weapon
DescriptionThe advanced warhead of the Ripple Torpedo is divided into several layers which detonate in sequence as the torpedo gets close to an enemy capital ship hull. Each successive explosion carves a path for the torpedo to push deeper into the ship’s armor, destabilising it’s structural integrity. 
EffectDeals damage to adjacent armor sections on impact
Component SlotMain Weapon
DescriptionThough officially the Dragnet cannon is still a prototype weapon, a significant number have been fitted in modern UNISET battleships for ‘field testing’. The experimental design generates globules of an exotic form of plasma and fires them at high velocity towards enemy targets. On impact, the plasma envelops the side of the ship causing significant drag between the ship body and the very fabric of space time which surrounds it, significantly robbing it of momentum. The round deals little phsyical damage, but can disrupt the motion of enemy ships, leaving them open to be targetted by more traditionally destructive weapons…or blunt force trauma from a Capital Ship ram, as the case may be
EffectRemoves momentum from enemy ships on impact.
NameShield Cell
Component SlotBroadside
DescriptionForce shields are hardly new technology and the majority of large scale war ships have been equipped with small shield generators for decades. The UNISET shield cell, however, takes shield generation to an unprecedented scale, with a single module being able to blanket up to half a capital ship in shields simultaneously. UNISET ship designs take advantage of this capability by incorporating a large number of shield anchors on their exterior hull.
EffectApplies powerful shields to one side of the ship.
NameWolfhound Beam
Component SlotBroadside
DescriptionSolid State lasers with enough power to be effective in capital ship combat were a game changer for the UNISET military in the first succession war of 3601. Their relatively low wattage is compensated for by an unparalleled rate of fire. A single array of Wolfhound Beams can output continuous damage on an opponent with one emitter firing as the others in its array cool down.
EffectMedium power broadside laser capable of firing every turn.
NameSidewinder Torpedos
Component SlotBroadside Torpedos
DescriptionSidewinder torpedos are built en-masse in gigantic planetside factories in FPA space from scavanged materials. Utilising the tehcnical skill of thier populace, the FPA are able to manufacture sidewinders in incredible numbers with minimal resources. Though the performance of these torpedoes is enviable once they get moving, their improvised nature means that tolerances are too lax to permit launching from a tube. The FPA deploys sidewinders by simply lobbing them out to float freely in space, where the weapon will aquire its target independently and fire up its main engine to engage it.
Without the need to reload a torpedo tube, sidewinders can be deployed rapidly and in vast numbers, but this slow to start procedure means that they can be easily shot down by any diligent enemy corvettes willing to close the distance. Worse still, this opens up the possibility for rapidly manouvering capital ships to accelerate into thier own recently deployed torpedoes. Recently deployed sidewinders can transform from an asset to a minefield if the FPA commander needs to take rapid evasive manouvers.
Special EffectTorpedo does not move on its first turn
NameSlinghot System
Component SlotHangar Bay
DescriptionThe slingshot system was originally designed in the pre-spacefaring part of human history, making it one of the oldest pieces of technology still used in the modern era. In modern slingshot launch systems a pair of lorentz-force accelerators tug on a high tensile strength cable attached to a readied corvette, allowing it to accelerate to a significant speed before clearing the hangar bay doors and igniting its main engines. This allows capital ships to rapidly scramble corvettes to attack distant targets, or use the additional speed boost to duck past enemy space-superiority corvettes. Despite centuries of technological innovation, including wormhole-based corvette deployment, the sheer reliability and effectiveness of slingshots ensures that they remain a staple for most space-faring combat vessels.

Special EffectLaunch a corvette up to 2 additional spaces in a straight line
NameFirebird Corvette
Component SlotCorvette (Destroyer)
DescriptionFirebird Crovettes epitomise UNISET’s doctrine of fielding technologically advanced and highly specialised equipment. Designed exclusively to operate in the vaccuum of space, Firebird corvettes are incapable of operating in even a tenuous atmosphere. However in thier native environment they are the fastest and most manouverable corvettes fielded by any nation. The unusual weapon of the Firebird utilises 4 plasma emitters which are fired in tandem at a point a short distance in front of the corvette’s prow. These emitters are mounted on long arms, away from the main chassis, to combat overheating problems. The result of all 4 emitters firing on a single target is imcomparable single-shot damage from a corvette, capable of melting through even the thickest capital ship hulls in 2 or 3 shots.

This incredible damage output comes at a cost, however. Firebirds cannot engage targets at any significant range, and are effectively useless in a dogfight against all but the slowest of enemy corvettes. They also significantly lack armor of thier own, making every attack run a high-risk high-reward manouver. Firebird crews are not known for their survival rate, but the sad reality is that life is cheap in UNISET space, and many servicemen don’t have a choice.
Special EffectExtremely short range weapon, extremely high damage