Hi, I’m 5Volt

I’m an independent game developer from Australia, currently residing in Melbourne. I’ve worked as a Software Engineer for nearly a decade, but my true passion has always been making games.

Ever since I was young, I’ve had a passion for game design. I would constantly bandy game designs around in my head during all idle moments of the day, while riding the bus, while taking a long drive or while mowing the lawn. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been constructing imaginary games in my head to keep myself entertained.

Until recently, my lifelong dream of bringing enjoyable games to the world has seemed out of reach, but with a recent change in job, I’ve finally found myself with enough spare time to dedicate to my own project. I decided that I cannot let this opportunity pass me by, and so here we are.

Star eater is not the first game I’ve ever designed, but it is one of my favourites. In Star Eater, I am hoping to capture the feeling of commanding a large scale space battle, of coordinating the various parts of an armada, and teeth-grittingly tense moments of hoping that no unexpected turn of bad luck foils your well-laid plans.

Hi, I’m GeorgeTheGeorge

I’m a Mechatronic Engineer currently residing in Sydney, Australia. I create most of the game art for Star Eater.

Outside of my professional career, my hobby has always been in playing video games and making art. I’ve been drawing ever since I was 5 and took traditional sketching and painting lessons for a few years during school. While bored in class during school, I would often be drawing random sketches of spaceships I loved in movies and games (Even if it got me in trouble a few times!). Then I would take in the design styles, and try to create my own ships that would fit in said movie/game’s universe.

Early in 2020 with COVID-19 somewhat slowing down my otherwise essential work, I decided to buy a drawing tablet to get into my true passion in artworks with the increased spare time. A month later, 5Volt and Pranoodle, whom I’ve known since high school, contacted me asking if I was interested in making art for a board game. Games? Check. Making art? Check. There was no question.

I create the art for ships, fighters, turrets, etc seen in Star Eater’s cards and tokens.

Hi, I’m Marto

I am an industrial designer who loves illustration, science fiction, and mechanical and technological designs.

I currently live in Argentina and have a double life, where by day I am head of production in a metallurgical factory, and at night I create fantastic worlds and illustrations that tell incredible stories.

5volt contacted me, telling me the story and the whole background of Star Eater, and I was amazed! He has taken care of every detail, from the creation of the factions and their history to the vision of what each of them and their components look like.

I am very happy to participate in this great project, and I will do my best to bring the Star Eater universe to life with my illustrations. You can see some of my illustrations in Artstation, look for me as marto_quinteros.

Hi, I’m Pranoodle

I’m a lawyer by profession and 5Volt’s partner. I just walked into 5Volt’s house one day and started butting into his business and now I’m the producer of StarEater. I’ve had a keen interest in board games for years and spend a good deal of my free time trying different board games at local cafes across the state.

I currently reside in Canberra, Australia, but in recent times have been sheltering in place with 5Volt in Melbourne.

I mostly deal with the logistics of developing the game including arranging play tests, creating prototypes, handling social media and assisting in design.