• The Capital Ship Collisions states to remove the ‘offending’ token in the quick reference vs the rules stated in section 15 and reference cards which say to remove the ‘last’ token of the relevant type. The correct rule is to remove the last token rather than the offending token, as this leads to less shuffling of the momentum tokens.
  • The Fanatical Usurper’s ‘Onslaught’ special ability and the USF Dominance’s ‘EM Jammer’ special ability are both printed as priority 0. In case of a priority tie between these two ships, the USF Dominance’s ‘EM Jammer’ should be considered the faster of the two and go first.
  • The Hammer should use an FPA main cannon round as its token, though the card shows in its top right a Lamais main cannon round.
  • The Components page has the wrong token counts, the correct counts are:
    – 52 Weapon Tokens (torpedoes, projectiles, shields and mines)
    – 24 Corvette Tokens (8 of each colour)
    – 16 linear momentum tokens
    – 8 rotational momentum tokens.
    – 16 Targetting tokens
    – 144 Health tokens
    – 32 spare tokens(1 of each weapon and corvette, 4 linear momentums, 4 rotational momentums, 1 targetting token)
    – 4 spare blank tokens

A PDF containing the corrected cards can be found here.