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My Kickstarter Experience

So I think it’s somewhat traditional to do an update after your kickstarter ends reflecting on the experience, so here’s mine. Be warned, this is mostly stream of consciousness rambling. In my case I technically ran 2 kickstarter campaigns in quick succession. I have a bit of a unique experience, I think, as I ended … Continue reading My Kickstarter Experience

We’re in “Beta”

After several months and over a hundred hours of playtests with dozens of people, Star Eater is moving to Beta. So I thought I’d use this time to discuss the differences between Alpha and Beta, and what that means for Star Eater. First of all both Alpha and Beta are pretty subjective terms, and you’ll … Continue reading We’re in “Beta”

Reworking Fighters (and some other things)

For the first iteration of star eater, we were aiming to prove our concept. I’d say mission accomplished. We’ve had close to 20 playtests at this point and the feedback has been excellent. In general I feel as though the premise is well worth further exploration, and the mechanics in place seem to be effectively … Continue reading Reworking Fighters (and some other things)

Trying to make Torpedoes work in a Board Game.

Torpedos track their targets. It’s one of the most quintesential things about them. Torpedos are homing weapons. Space battles involve torpedos. This, too, is an immutable fact of space battles. In fact, if a space battle does not involve torpedos, or at least the potential for torpedos, can it even be said to have occurred? … Continue reading Trying to make Torpedoes work in a Board Game.

Video Showcases

Given the recent covid-19 pandemic across the world, sitting down for in-person playtests with members of the public is borderline impossible for the time being. I’ve thought for a while about the best way to overcome this hurdle, and still be able to demonstrate star eater to the general public as much as possible, and … Continue reading Video Showcases

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