Video Showcases

Given the recent covid-19 pandemic across the world, sitting down for in-person playtests with members of the public is borderline impossible for the time being.

I’ve thought for a while about the best way to overcome this hurdle, and still be able to demonstrate star eater to the general public as much as possible, and I’ve settled on the fact that a video showcase is probably the second best option.

With that in mind I’ve started working on a series of videos demonstrating how the game works and explaining the rules. The first few videos will be mostly no-nonsense informational things, explaining how the game works and how to play, as well as commentary on strategies and the philosophy of my design/game balance. Later on I’m thinking of adding in some more casual stuff showcasing the few playtests I have been able to conduct(mostly with friends and family).

I’m currently working on the first of these videos: an instructional overview of how to play a full round of star-eater, including most of the important rules, without being bogged down by too much minutiae.

If you’re interested, the script can be found here:

edit: the overview video is now up and can be found on the main page

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